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Useful Tips From a Reliable Piano Moving Service Provider

How to Prepare Your Piano for a Move

Pianos are delicate instruments that must be moved with extreme caution. Whether you’re relocating your piano to a new home, a different room, or a performing location, thorough planning is essential to protect its safety. Here are some tips from a reliable piano moving service provider on how to prepare your piano for a move.

Measure the piano and the doorways

Before you start preparing your piano for a move, it’s important to ensure that it can fit through the doorways and hallways. Measure the dimensions of the piano and compare them to the measurements of the doorways and hallways. This will help you determine if any disassembly or special equipment is needed.

Secure the keyboard lid

The keyboard lid is one of the most fragile parts of a piano, and it’s important to secure it before moving the piano. Close the keyboard lid and lock it to prevent it from opening during the move. If the piano doesn’t have a lock, use tape to secure it in place.

Wrap the piano

To protect the finish of the piano during the move, wrap it in a protective blanket or bubble wrap. Secure the wrapping in place using tape or packing straps. Avoid using plastic wrap as it can cause condensation and damage the piano’s finish.

Remove the piano legs

If the piano legs are removable, it’s best to take them off before the move. This will make it easier to move the piano and reduce the risk of damage. Be sure to wrap the legs separately and label them for easy reassembly.

Secure the pedals

Secure the pedals with bubble wrap or blankets to prevent them from moving during the move. This will also help prevent damage to the pedals and the piano.

Hire professional piano movers

Finally, it’s important to hire professional piano movers to ensure the safe and secure transport of your piano. Professional movers have the experience, equipment, and expertise needed to handle the delicate nature of pianos. Additionally, they might offer services like climate-controlled storage and insurance.

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