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The Dangers of DIY Piano Moving

You might be considering having your piano moved if you own one from one location to another. Although it is possible to relocate this instrument without a piano moving service, you should hire pros for a good number of reasons. Discover the potential risks of DIY piano moving:

Personal Injury

The heaviest pianos can weigh more than 1,400 lbs, comparable to an adult cow’s weight and equally tricky to lift. It takes a lot of bending, twisting, and turning to move something this heavy, especially if the movers are inexperienced and unprepared. The outcome is frequently severe personal injury due to torn muscles or dropping the piano, which may injure an extremity.

Property Risks

In addition to being heavy, pianos have strange shapes. Due to the condition of the piano, it is challenging to move it through narrow spaces, mainly when stairs or tight corners are present. The piano can quickly be slammed into a door, wall, or other objects. The effects of piano collisions with walls, floors, and other things can be disastrous.


Moving furniture is not always considered a simple and quick task, and even relatively minor items like couches and beds require planning and teamwork to transport. It is reasonable to assume that moving a piano will take much longer if moving other, more mobile pieces of furniture is time-consuming.

Added Expense

Most people decide to move a piano themselves to save money on hiring a professional piano mover. Contrary to popular belief, hiring a piano mover is frequently less expensive for clients than attempting to move the piano themselves. Pianos are notoriously difficult to move, and inexperienced piano movers lack the proper equipment to do the job.

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